Danish designer Dorrit Shoshan and Venezuelan designer Otilio Salazar formed in 1989 the artistic controversial designer duo CONFLICTO. The brand was known for their original, unique clothes design and craftsmanship of very high quality.

During the 1990’s the brand developed a reputation of being among the best in Europe producing avant-garde leather design. Designs include classic tailoring, historic recreations, exploration of bodily transformations, inspired by mythical creatures and futuristic styles. The gothic, historic glamour macabre, militaria and futuristic universe was expressed in clothes creations, shop interior designs and in spectacular shows – often involving strong historic and religious symbols to investigate the dynamics of power through design. This caused strong, often political reactions. Conflicto’s mission was however purely artistic with no political agenda. The Conflicto Manifesto talked about visions of a new way of dressing for the third millennium: Having less closet space and demanding more quality of the clothes you have. So The Anatomical Way of Dressing was developed to show how one elaborated bodysuit could transform into several pieces or different ways of wearing the same piece.

Conflicto’s artistic project reached far beyond the clothes and interior designs. Apart from their creations and different collaborations with jewel makers, hatters, making movie and theatre costumes, the duo organized events, shows, concerts and Cranium Club nights. An underground scene in Copenhagen emerged from these activities …

French Haute Couture designer Jean-Paul Gaultier attended their London shows and expressed his great admiration of their work and in Paris Thierry Mugler was interested in getting Dorrit Shoshan to produce his Haute Couture leather pieces. Several international Fashion & Design books wrote about Conflicto including American Vogue Fall 1996.

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