SHOSHAN is Danish high fashion womens wear by designer Dorrit Shoshan. The brand was launched in 2005 with her trademark tailored look, inspired by a visionary fusion of East meets West and the meeting between the feminine and masculine look.

Luxurious, calm colours mixed with rare bold colours in quality fabrics of mostly natural fibres gives the impression of a comfortable chic, classic style combined with eastern inspired simplicity and softness …

Every single garment has undergone a unique designing process tailored to accentuate inner strength and serenity. It’s in the sophisticated cuts, the choice of materials, and in the well fitted styles.

Dorrit Shoshan has been covered by several international fashion magazines and books long before graduating from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – The School of Design and has worked as an independent designer since 1989. Today SHOSHAN is known as internationally acclaimed, award winning Danish design.

”Part of the Danish design elite that guarantees world-class clothing” (IN fashion magazine).